Sunday, April 3, 2011


There are all kinds of people in our lives. Some of us have the luxury of picking the people that we spend our time with. Some of us were fortunate enough to be born with an iron will. Some have parents that pressure them constantly in one way or another, without ever backing down. Some people decide that the only way to get things done is to put others down. Ultimately, we all have to deal with people that give attitude, complain constantly or simply are downright rude. What pisses me off is that the positive, self-help gurus tell us to limit our exposure to those kinds of people, or simply be less affected by it. Well, what happens when we can do neither? What is the solution then? Many have turned to drinking, drugs, lying and simply bitter dispositions. Where are the practical applications to dealing with these people? Are the people that are affected by such manipulators doomed to be in second place for the rest of their lives? Where is the justice? Where are the solutions?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cruelty of Life

You know that feeling you get when you know that you are doing everything in your company to survive, thrive, make an impact and further your career? How about the feeling that at least half of the employees are at some point going to spread rumors about you, find faults in your performance, publicly criticize you and maybe even take your decision? My point is that not only is life not fair, but it is downright ruthless sometimes. What would many of us do without the people in our lives that help reinforce our opportunities with love, support, and sometimes even a recommendation? Those people are more important to the quality of our lives than all of the things that we may do for ourselves to further our success. It seems so unbelievable, and call me immature, that so much of our success depends on having superior ability to communicate, build successful alliances and feel genuinely good about ourselves. Some of us did not have that luxury growing up. Some did not have the self-esteem to fend off the haters and the stabbers. Fortunately, if we can make it just long enough, then the time EVENTUALLY will come that we are given the opportunity to progress forward. We can only hope that such opportunities will last long enough for us to build some kind of meaningful career. If not, THEN WHAT? Maybe it just pisses me off SO MUCH.Maybe its that I cannot accept it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Those Precious Moments

For those of us that had trouble growing up (and still do lol), do you ever get really frustrated when you look to others that are close to you in moments of great rejection, accomplishment or uneasiness? It makes me so angry that people don't understand the significance of the milestones that we reach in life. Don't they know that we only live one life? I mean, the people that we love the most should be there to share in the highs and the lows so that the experiences are real and memorable. Furthermore, why is it so exhausting to some people to listen to another person talk about their success/failure? It isn't every day, every week or probably even every month that we experience great ups and downs in our lives. Is it such a big deal to humor our loved ones, listen to their sentiments, validate their claims, build their confidence and create new levels of closure? It is a simple concept, but so many times we forget that it is as simple as not taking a phone call while they are talking, not surfing the net, not picking up groceries.

Every now and then, on certain issues, I just need to know that there is nothing more important at that moment and everything else can wait. We don't have to accomplish a thousand things every time we are on the phone or in a deep conversation. Sometimes it is just enough to be there for each other. Honestly, what would happen it we just surrendered to the needs of others every now and then, especially our wifes and husbands, and let go of the other distractions in the world. At what point is it enough to just be human together? I will tell you when, NOW.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Yesterday's Decorum

Only a few decades ago, people were friendly to each other. Yes, they may have whispered about each other and made their judgments from a distances, but they held their tongue and rarely questioned the integrity of their fellow citizens. Before women were independent  people had only enough to get by with the help of their neighbor. People needed each other and they acted like it.

The new pace determined by our technology has created a rare void in society. Isolationism has replaced what was once independence. Disregard for the reputations of others has become the norm. The shock value of murder and robbery is now as simple as an exercise in a video game. Why do I bring all of this up? Because I want to know why being a sincere, friendly, mild-mannered human being doesn't work any more. I want to know why each one of us has to push our way to the top to the dismay of others. Why is it that the masterful manipulators and the thieves are honored so heavily in today's society? I have a certain respect for the ability of people to dominate a situation, I just don't respect that they use their skills in such a negative way. I don't want to take pride in such hateful practice and I don't want to raise my children in such a world.

I thought that advances in society meant advances in our EQ and our approaches towards one another.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Do People Stare?

Why is it that every where I go people like to stare? I mean, these are the people that stare at EVERYONE. Black people are certainly no exception. If you stare back, then they act like they are going to beat your ass. Mexicans tend to stare too, but from a distance. And then you have white people that stare. They usually just stare and snicker and look away. At least they look away. People should learn some friggin manners in this great country. It is one thing to live in Chicago or New Jersey where it is expected for people to be loud and to stare and be all up in your business, but why in these great southern states do people not adhere to the traditional decorum that is our society?

It is rude, offensive, invasive and downright ignorant to stare at somebody. When you stare you only show your own ignorance and inability to quickly assess that someone else is now in your sphere of influence. The funny thing is, people who stare have aggression problems and this is how they subconsciously feed their need for confrontation, attention and ultimately a weak sense of validation. They may walk away with some snap judgement that helps them sleep at night. It is a shame that one cannot experience life without feeling the need to convince themselves that they have some sort of edge in dominating others. When I want to stare, I tell myself that that person deserves respect, at least from a distance.

So here's to you ignorant redneck, hyped-up black guy and slow-chewing Mexican. You don't just look at people, you stare at them to "conquer" them just as a gorilla would try to dominate its other primates. You throw reason and intellect to the wind and say to yourself "Today I am somebody. Today that white guy, cute chick, family man or professional didn't even dare look back at me. I am sure I could be a Mafian leader one day, or perhaps even a successful criminal."

Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Impressions

People tend to let one impression of a person stick in their head. They meet someone, form an opinion which is usually based on some of their own biases, and then that person is tagged as "this" kind of person. I am a proponent of change. I believe that even though some fundamental characteristics of people stay the same, everybody changes on a daily basis. How can people judge me, for instance, based on a "presence" that I have? Sure, it is impressive when you meet someone and they have a powerful presence. In my experience, people with presence tend to feel that they don't have to prove themselves to their friends, their coworkers, etc. In the workforce, it seems that these are the people that are given the positive feedback and the perks. Can a geek not feel like a champion? Can a muscle-bound gorilla not feel like an intelligent asset to the group? Does a woman HAVE to manipulate to impress? These are questions that I struggle with every day.

If I were to accept that the impression that I give people determined where I stood in the group then I would have had to quit a long time ago. When people first meet me, they may see me as a sensitive looking guy. The people who decide to lay into me and check my buttons are able to quickly see that I am affected.This is something that I cannot change. It is simply a part of my emotional anatomy. Do I receive any kind of protection from these thugs that mess with me and often destroy my inner peace of mind? No, it is looked over and I am considered weak. The world considered Einstein retarded. Society tends to overlook the people that serve as its most precious assets. Bill Gates for example.People deserve respect. Period.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Black People

Ok. Let me start off by saying I have worked in the restaurant industry for seven years. I have worked with all kinds of people. I have dated a woman from every race and every country. Yes, even Russia. Black people have made fun of everything about me, from my voice to my height to my sensitive nature. They have worked so hard to press EACH AND EVERY one of my buttons. The wonderful thing about black people, is that they practice on each other. They fuck each other over just for practice. Pathetic. They have a skill. A black person can press a person's buttons without even saying a word. They are racist, rude, and unrealistic. I am not a racist. I am a factist.

Let me continue. My favorite ploy of the black man is to criticize my work ethic, develop a false case against me and then complain to management that I am disrupting THEIR work. The funny thing is, most managers end up siding against me because let's be realistic, what are they going to do fire the entire staff which is mostly black.

Have you ever been a white guy working at Mcdonald's? Can I get an amen? My point is, Black people don't deserve the credit that they get, and the time is coming when society as a WHOLE will wise up and end the gang mentality that most black people carry. It is unnecessary, unfair and worst of all when we respect the hustle of such thugs we deny ourselves the right to create a better tomorrow.

I am sick of receiving the bitter end of people's tactics and ploys. It is bullshit. I just want to earn an honest living and help as many people as I can. I didn't sign up for all of the other shit. I have great capabilities that I believe deserve the best possible chances.